Advertising for The Denver and West Lake Norman Area


Customer Exposure Near and Far is designed to make it fast and easy to find information about the area, save time and help people enjoy the local community. It’s loaded with information and organized so that visitors can find what they’re looking for without being a computer expert. The site contains lists and information on local attractions, businesses, restaurants, schools and more. There are helpful tips, emergency information, a local events calendar and even more. Visitors can read and post reviews and opinions for all sorts of businesses and services in the local area. also provides personalized help for visitors that can’t find what they’re looking for on-line. By clicking on a “request information button” visitors can enter their question and have it quickly researched and an answer emailed back. All this is designed to make the web site truly useful and attract a large local audience that will visit often. This provides you with an excellent way to reach that local audience with your marketing message.’s ability to reach your potential customers goes well beyond the local audience as well. Through our aggressive efforts to promote the site and rank high with major internet search engines, is easily found by people from out of town that may be thinking of visiting or moving to the area. It’s a great way for people outside the area to become acquainted with Denver and the West Lake Norman area from wherever they are in the world. This provides you with an excellent way to reach potential customers beyond the local audience in a way that other advertising vehicles can’t.

Ease of use, truly useful content, extensive help features and aggressive promotion all add up to make one of the very best ways for you to get great exposure to customers, near and far!

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