E-Commerce Storefront

E-Commerce Storefront Package

DenverNC can help you create your own complete company web site that allows you to sell products online. The website provides you with a dynamic place to showcase and sell your products and services on line. Customers can access your site by using the DenverNC.com web site directory, keyword search feature or links from a sponsorship add. Customers can also access your site directly using your registered internet web site address*, of the form:

Each E-Commerce Storefront includes:

  • Up to 5 business pages plus a linked storefront page on DenverNC.com .
  • Set-up and design of the site.
  • Scanning of advertiser-supplied artwork, (Up to 25 images).
  • Virtual Domain Name** (ie., www.DenverNC.com/YourName)
  • Up to 5 e-mail links to existing e-mail accounts
  • Color-coordinated “stock” navigation buttons, bars and menus.
  • Web links and keywords registered in the DenverNC.com site search index.
  • Registration of your Internet URL and submission to major search engines.
  • Complete “shopping cart” with real-time order summary
  • Assistance in applying for your internet merchant account.
  • Credit Card processing.
  • Your products appear on one catalog page.
  • Up to 20 product items.

Optional Services include:

  • Additional Pages
  • Additional Image Scanning
  • Capacity for unlimited number of product items
  • Site statistics report, (includes number of visitors, who, when & more)
  • Custom e-mail response forms
  • Advanced design & graphics services
  • Special search engine optimization and registration

Optional services for customized work are handled on a “Request For Quote” (RFQ) basis.

* Your registered internet web site address (also called a “URL” or Uniform Resource Locator), will be registered in your name and “owned” by you. The actual name you choose is subject to availability.

** You may also choose a “virtual domain name” of the form:


Example: www.DenverNC.com/Daves-Donuts


For Information and Advertising Rates contact us at:

E-Mail: Info@DenverNC.com

Phone: 704-489-1961

8237 Luckey Point Road
Denver, NC 28037


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